David Vazquez

David Vazquez (1983) is an industrial designer located in Cancun, Quintana Roo. His best known design is the Rompecabezas coatstand which has been published internationally and part of local design exhibitions.His office looks for consistent solutions influenced by their context, whether the objectives may vary as they focus on designing either an object or an interior, using a new material or one that no longer is. Our projects are part of housing units, commercial interiors or product development, distinguished by logical and simple solutions.

He holds an undergraduate degree with honors from ITESM, CCM (2007) and gathered experience working on projects in places like Mexico City, Queretaro, Baja California Sur, Yucatan and Mexican Riviera. Some of his work has been shown on magazines and blogs like Folio (Mexico), Catalogo Diseño (Chile), Icon Magazine (UK), VIP Anuario (Portugal), Icon Eye, Designmilk, Designchronicle, Residente Riviera Maya and Industrial Design Served (Behance Served Sites).